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Capoeira: Play at Short, Sweet Film Festival

Updated: Mar 29, 2018


Capoeira Live the Game returned to the Short. Sweet. Film Festival with “Capoeira: Play,” the followup documentary to last years Capoeira: Live The Game. Both films were directed by Joddy Eric Matthews and produced by Chris Kennedy.

The seven year old film festival enters thousands of movie goers every season, focusing on short, highly engaging films ranging from all diverse spectrum's.

Play introduces audiences to Capoeira Brasil Cleveland's Anthony Santo Domingo's mentor Andre ‘Meistre Trapo’ Vasconcellos, a man who escaped the violence of Brazil's

tough favelas as a youth thru his dedication to the countries martial art, Capoeira.

As a master or "Meistre", Trapo travels the world, to points as far as China, teaching his brand of respect, discipline and self empowerment. It was during his travels that he first encountered a young student looking to redefine his own story.

The Documentary tells the story of how a boy from a world away, changed the life of others thru love, respect and passion for The Game.



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